Paradise Lot release date has finally come

paradiselotcoverJonathan and I have been working on Paradise Lot for almost two years. At first I was reluctant to write the story of our garden. How-to books are really more in my comfort zone. But the more we wrote the more I came to see that our story, complete with all our mistakes and imperfections, was an interesting way to communicate permaculture, edible landscaping, and forest gardening to a broader audience. I received my advance copy in the mail last week and read it through with fresh eyes for the first time. I think we are writing about some topics, especially in the fouth section (“Reap”), that I can’t yet properly express in a theoretical fashion. We are learning some new things, along with many others around the world, that are out ahead enough of our various theories that telling a story might be the best way to communicate them. Buy the book here