Hardy kiwifruit recommendation

Oops, one more error to correct. In chapter 20 I discuss the hardy kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta) and its sometimes alarming rate of growth, and mention the arctic beauty or super-hardy kiwifruit (A. kolomitka) as an alternative. On page 131 a line reads “I’m not recommending this species [A. kolomitka] in my workshops as an alternative.” This line should read “I’m now recommending this species in my workshops as an alternative.” Which is in fact what I have been doing.

Arctic beauty kiwifruit (Actinidia kolomitka)

Young fruit forming on arctic beauty kiwifruit


2 thoughts on “Hardy kiwifruit recommendation

  1. thanks for the heads up. I corrected my copy. We are getting ready to do some major tree planting this year. It looks like Oikos doesn’t carry this, but Tripple Brook Farm does. A note on their page says “Please allow, as far as possible, for substitutions between the female cultivars of Actinidia kolomikta. Most of these are new to us, and we are not sure how the supply of the individual cultivars will hold up.” Is that any cause for concern or delay?

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