2 thoughts on “Our Barren Lot in 2004

  1. I’m in Holyoke too. I’m really blown away by what you’ve done with this lot……I have a special interest in Agroforestry (my degree is in Conservation) have you noticed any bird species using the lot? I’d also be curious to know if there is any phytoremediation with the spinach (?) that you grew. Anyway, so rewarding to see some Holyoke folks doing this when I’ve read about this done in the tropics. I was hoping to approach Mayor Morse and get the entire city involved to fill lots with intercropping to absorb pollution and provide habitat / restore the soil. Holyoke could be a great example for the country. Well done!

    • Hey Amelie,
      Nice to hear from you. We’d love to have you out to see our garden, and chat with you about getting more gardens in Holyoke. Birds… Yes, there have definitely been an increase in birds using our lot. A couple of note: flicker, oriole, junkos, wild turkey. We haven’t focused on phytoremediation per se, but it is definitely happening. To contact us regarding a visit please check out http://www.permaculturenursery.com/farmvisit.htm

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