Paradise Lot nurtures leaders

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It seems there is another wonderful “yield” from the cornucopia of life coming from Paradise Lot. We nurture leaders!

I wanted to congratulate two great people who have helped make Paradise Lot what it is:

Eli Roberts was a garden intern in 2012. Coming to us, and supported by the Allegheny Mountain School. He was critical support for us building the bioshelter, helping at workshops and digging out the poopy chicken bedding. He is passionate about helping young people learn new ideas, and is devoted to finding and spreading solutions to climate change. We just found out that he was excepted to Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and will be studying agroforestry and agroecosystems. I’m sure his work at Paradise Lot provided him with some inspiration towards this new adventure!

We befriended Jamie Pottern in 2011 and invited her to help improve our garden with us. We grow lots of awesome vegetables that year thanks to her, and couldn’t have maintained many plantings without her initiative and energy. After graduating from the Conway School of Landscape Design last year, she is now fully employed as a Land Conservation Associate with Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust. I am so proud that she will be helping the trust to use “new innovative models that protect the land, support the local farm economy, and secure the future affordability of farms for new farmers.”

Let’s hear it for Eli and Jamie!!!


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