Ecological Edible Landscaping Workshop at Paradise Lot: July 13

Come tour the garden where Paradise Lot was written and learn from our successes and mistakes. We’ll cover forest gardening, hardy perennial food plants, edible water gardens, growing tropical crops outdoors in the North, backyard poultry, microlivestock like silkworms, red wigglers and soldier flies, aquaponics, and bioshelter (insulated greenhouse) featuring subtropical fruits and vegetables!

Register here.

Learn how you can turn an ordinary backyard into a foraging paradise!

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hardy banana Musa sikkimensis


We’ve been growing Musa basjoo hardy banana for 8 years in the front yard. It is warm enough there to overwinter the root, and has every winter since we planted it. Last year I planted a Musa sikkimensis in the same area. My hope was that it would be back this spring. Well, it looks like it made it! See the large basjoo shoot on the right of the photo above. Next to it, on the left is the first sikkimensis shoot. I look forward to seeing how big it gets this year!

New Photos June 2013


Geraldi dwarf mulberry setting tons of fruit.


Forest garden understory filling in shady niches with useful species.


Insectary polyculture – nectary and edible earth chestnut (Bunium bulbocastanum) with nectary green and gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) groundcover. Also lovely!


Perennial wild bean climbs native false indigo living trellis.


Giant Solomon’s seal with edible hostas and currants.


The “outdoor room”. Everything you see edible or otherwise functional.


Third try for living trellis for yamberry. This time mimosa after failure with red alder and Siberian pea.


Hog peanut.

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