New Photos June 2013


Geraldi dwarf mulberry setting tons of fruit.


Forest garden understory filling in shady niches with useful species.


Insectary polyculture – nectary and edible earth chestnut (Bunium bulbocastanum) with nectary green and gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) groundcover. Also lovely!


Perennial wild bean climbs native false indigo living trellis.


Giant Solomon’s seal with edible hostas and currants.


The “outdoor room”. Everything you see edible or otherwise functional.


Third try for living trellis for yamberry. This time mimosa after failure with red alder and Siberian pea.


Hog peanut.

IMG_1985 IMG_1991 IMG_2032 IMG_2037


3 thoughts on “New Photos June 2013

  1. Beautifull pictures, thank you. Your Geraldi mulberry is gorgeous, i hope to be able to find one in Europe this fall.

    Can you please give me the botanical name of your “Perennial wild bean” ? I would like to make some research on edibility and hardiness, thanks !

  2. Hello Eric toensmeier. I am very satisfied by all your descriptions. Also you are the one who gave me the motivation to start my edible landscape project. I will focus principally on perennial as a goal and a root crop diet as a main food. Last time i found the pignut back in my yard in a woodland in france and i found it interesting. But it yield not a lot. I would like to ask you a question. Do you think it is possible to cultivate it in pot, it probably may depend of the root system witch i don’t know if it has deep root or not ?? And do you have information about breeding it to get it bigger ? Thx you for all you do and your amazing work eric


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