hardy banana Musa sikkimensis


We’ve been growing Musa basjoo hardy banana for 8 years in the front yard. It is warm enough there to overwinter the root, and has every winter since we planted it. Last year I planted a Musa sikkimensis in the same area. My hope was that it would be back this spring. Well, it looks like it made it! See the large basjoo shoot on the right of the photo above. Next to it, on the left is the first sikkimensis shoot. I look forward to seeing how big it gets this year!


5 thoughts on “hardy banana Musa sikkimensis

    • Because we are in a cold climate, zone 6 USA, the bananas will get to be about 10 feet tall, and then die back to the ground with frost. Bananas need a much longer growing season then we have, so no, we never get bananas, unless we protected the stalk for probably two winters, which is hard to do.

      • And to add, we grow the bananas for their beauty, cooking with the leaves, and using the leaves for compostable plates. The Musa basjoo bananas were originally grown for their leaf fiber, used to make clothing in Japan.

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