Winter food at Paradise Lot

persimmon 2

It’s not quite winter yet, officially. But it sure feels like it this time of year. And the neighborhood holiday lights are out, so for the purpose of this article its winter time : )

We just picked the last of the american persimmons and hardy kiwi fruit. Now we are harvesting our first crop of tree collard greens from the bioshelter. There will be greens through the winter, and into next spring, in the bioshelter.

The nursery plants protected from the cold, bird netting stored for winter, chicken coop manure put into compost piles, irrigation drained and turned off, and tools put away.

An opportune time for rest and planning for next year. Enjoying the warm sunny days in the bioshelter. A little writing to pass the time. Appreciating the holidays with family and friends.

Enjoy your winter rest. If you are reading this south of the equator, enjoy spring!