Off to greener pastures

This month Jonathan, Megan, and Jesse headed off to a farm in Ithaca New York. We already miss them – who is going to help us eat all that fruit? We’re proud and happy to see them take this next big step towards their farm dream.

Jonathan and I worked together to get the garden ready for their departure, including simplifying some beds, moving some big trees around, and dismantling the aquaponics system.

Meanwhile friends, our new neighbor Roxy, and volunteers are keeping are garden looking lovely. We have new chicks, some exciting new spice plants (spicebush, Carolina allspice, sansho pepper, and mioga ginger among others), and are off to a great start.

Paradise Lot evolves, Food Forest Farm is moving
by Jonathan Bates

I’m learning that one of the assurances in life is that impermanence is a part of the natural flow of things. We already miss our close friends the Toensmeiers. The years of home gardening together was life changing and magnificent. We look forward to frequent visits back to Holyoke to be with them and help eat the harvest 🙂 For those customers, acquaintances and readers who are learning of our move for the first time in this blog post, Paradise Lot is evolving, and Food Forest Farm will relocate to NY.

Let me explain… In terms of the plant nursery that was born at Paradise Lot, Food Forest Farm fall plant orders will sill go out starting October 2017. And future plant sales will continue from our new food forest in NY after we transition all plants from our production nursery in Massachusetts.

So, although there are big changes a foot, and Food Forest Farm is starting a new chapter, we are excited about the opportunities and adventures ahead. Food Forest Farm is looking forward to these future potentialities and partnerships: digging deeper into broad-acre silvopasture and agroforestry; soil carbon and climate change solutions; building our network in New York including these awesome folks:;;

If you’d like to contact Jonathan and discuss opportunities for building relationships and connections in our New York home we’d love to hear from you! As for visiting Paradise Lot in Holyoke you should attend one of our educational opportunities this summer and fall: Garden Tours, Workshops, and Garden Help Days.