Work day this Saturday July 14 9am-12pm

We’ll be having a work day this Saturday morning from 9am-12pm. Lots of weeding and a fair bit of harvesting. You can sign up here.

There will also be sampling of seasonal delights. Fruits may include currants (white, pink, and black), gooseberries (red and green), blueberries, white and purple mulberries, the last black raspberries, the first red raspberries. Vegetables will likely include squash blossoms and shoots, perennials kales and vegetable ferns from the greenhouse, perennial arugula, black nightshade greens,  milkweed broccolis, and leaves of edible trees including fragrant spring tree, edible-leaf mulberry, and linden.

Note that edible-leaf mulberry and fragrant spring tree are two of the most nutritious vegetables on the entire planet (based on Eric’s soon-to-be-published research). Of over 300 vegetable species for which data was available, edible-leaf mulberry (Morus spp) is in the top ten highest for content of calcium, iron, and Vitamin C. It has four times the Vitamin C of oranges! It’s also very high in fiber. Fragrant spring tree (Toona sinensis) is in the top ten highest for calcium and Vitamins A and E – in fact it is the highest of all 300 for Vitamin E content. It’s also very high in iron. Both species are easily maintained as edible hedges or coppiced “human fodder banks.”


Image shows the leaves of edible-leaf mulberry and fragrant spring tree in our edible hedge. Tree vegetables for cold climates!