Perennial vegetable legend Stephen Barstow presents in Holyoke October 1st


The great Stephen Barstow will be in Holyoke, all the way from Norway. Stephen is one of the world’s great experts on perennial vegetables for cold climates. He holds the world record for most biodiverse salad with 537 varieties in a single salad from his garden! Stephen’s book Around the World in 80 Plants describes his global travels collecting crops that will produce in his Norwegian fijord garden. Stephen will discuss his garden, favorite crops, and tips for eating fresh perennial vegetables all winter long. Entrance fee is only $5. Copies of Around the World in 80 Plants will be available for sale and signing.

Holyoke Community College, 303 Homestead Ave Holyoke MA, Kitteredge Center, Room 205, 6-8pm.



Polyculture: Pawpaw Alley

Site Overview

Site description and conditions: This bed is a narrow alley situated on the north side of the house and property, with limited space and sun. It is generally the entrance point to the backyard on tours. Soil was initially gravel and sand fill, now rich. Pawpaw canopy with herbaceous species below.

Goals (key products, uses, functions): Pawpaw with productive understory; Demonstrate how polycultures work on tours.

Intensity and Management: Low to medium

Infrastructure: Irrigation line in place.


Species list (click for more info)

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)

Ground bean (Amphicarpaea bracteata)

Toothwort (Cardamine diphylla)

Ramps (Allium tricoccum)


Other useful info

Video on pollinating pawpaws