Cooking from the bioshelter

We got snowed in this weekend, plus it was Jonathan’s birthday.  What better thing to do than cook lots of food?  And what better food to cook than food fresh from the bioshelter?

Saturday night Eric and I brainstormed a magnificent Thai-inspired coconut fish soup.  Eric made his trademark sticky rice to go with it.  We used chicken broth, grated ginger and galangal, winter squash, potatoes, tilapia and vietnamese catfish (which we will soon be raising ourselves!), salty little shrimp, and fish sauce.  Right at the end we dumped in a bowl of greens from the bioshelter, including tatsoi and purple mustard.  Each person added their own toppings of ground peanuts, hot sauce, sardines, and our own fresh cilantro.  Fantastic.  And fun.  A bunch of friends came over to share the bounty and be cozy in the blizzard.  Oh, and we made a local blueberry pie for dessert.  Oh yeah.

I was still feeling the cooking bug today, so I created a homemade polenta casserole.  I had never made polenta myself before and it was much easier than I thought it would be.  While I was stirring the polenta, I sent Jonathan out to the greenhouse for a pound of mixed greens.  He came back with a bounty of ethiopian kale and tree collards.  I quickly blanched the greens, chopped them up, and mixed them with ricotta, parmesan, lemon zest, cayenne, salt and pepper.  I dumped half the polenta in the bottom of a baking pan, then spooned on the cheese and greens filling, and then topped it with the remaining polenta and some cheese for good measure.  All baked up it tasted so good!  At the last minute I made a quick tomato soup to go with it.  Yummmm.

The bioshelter is so good for our stomachs and souls this time of year!  Viva Paradise Lot!