2020 Garden Help Days

Spring is on its way!

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Winter is winding down – some might say it never really arrived. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful volunteers again for this season. Each month we invite anyone from the community who is interested in what we do to visit, join us for a few hands-on projects, then take a guided tour of our forest garden and sample its seasonal produce, from the earliest of spring greens to the latest of fall fruits. We greatly appreciate the time and energy that our volunteers put in to helping us accomplish some of the larger-scale projects that would be difficult to do on our own.

Here’s a list of our Garden Help Days for this year. If you would like to attend, please visit our event page, where you can RSVP. There is no charge to attend, but we request that you sign up in advance so that we know how many volunteers to expect.

2020 Garden Help Days

April 26

May 17

June 14

July 26

August 16

September 13

October 18

November 8


Polyculture: Pawpaw Alley

Site Overview

Site description and conditions: This bed is a narrow alley situated on the north side of the house and property, with limited space and sun. It is generally the entrance point to the backyard on tours. Soil was initially gravel and sand fill, now rich. Pawpaw canopy with herbaceous species below.

Goals (key products, uses, functions): Pawpaw with productive understory; Demonstrate how polycultures work on tours.

Intensity and Management: Low to medium

Infrastructure: Irrigation line in place.


Species list (click for more info)

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)

Ground bean (Amphicarpaea bracteata)

Toothwort (Cardamine diphylla)

Ramps (Allium tricoccum)


Other useful info

Video on pollinating pawpaws


Garden Mapping Project


We’re experimenting with a new endeavor this year. With so many visitors of varying interests and expertise coming to Paradise Lot, we thought it might be useful to have a more versatile way for them to experience the tour and access information about the history and progress of the site design. To that end, we plan to install Polyculture Info Stakes in various locations around the site. Each stake will have a QR code that connects to a page on this site describing the polyculture in detail, including design goals and constraints, list of species, infrastructure, and hopefully updates as the beds evolve. We also hope that this will provide a kind of virtual tour for those who cannot access Paradise Lot in person. This is a pilot initiative, so we’ll be advancing a bed at a time and soliciting feedback as we go. Keep an eye out for more updates on this project.

Garden Work Day September 8th


Our first Passiflora incarnata is blooming! We’ll hopefully have quite a few more by our next Garden Work Day on Sunday, September 8 from 9am to noon. Join us to learn by doing, exchanging a few hours of your help for hands-on learning and some delicious samples. Our fall fruits will be starting to come in, and there will be Activities may include: sheet mulching, weeding, planting, composting, harvesting. Participation is limited; Please RSVP at the Eventbrite link below so that we know how many people to expect and can notify you in the event of changes or inclement weather. We always look forward to our garden work days and appreciate the opportunity to connect with other permaculture enthusiasts in our community. We hope to see you there!