Perennial vegetable legend Stephen Barstow presents in Holyoke October 1st


The great Stephen Barstow will be in Holyoke, all the way from Norway. Stephen is one of the world’s great experts on perennial vegetables for cold climates. He holds the world record for most biodiverse salad with 537 varieties in a single salad from his garden! Stephen’s book Around the World in 80 Plants describes his global travels collecting crops that will produce in his Norwegian fijord garden. Stephen will discuss his garden, favorite crops, and tips for eating fresh perennial vegetables all winter long. Entrance fee is only $5. Copies of Around the World in 80 Plants will be available for sale and signing.

Holyoke Community College, 303 Homestead Ave Holyoke MA, Kitteredge Center, Room 205, 6-8pm.



Garden work day July 14

Hello all,

Our next garden work day will be Sunday July 14 from 9am-12pm. Tasks will include weeding and some greenhouse projects. What will we eat? Mostly a great diversity of delicious berries. We’ll get to check out cover crops 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months old and see how they look. Register here.

Photo: Daniel up in the mulberry tree enjoying some fresh fruit. unnamed.jpg


Garden Work Day Sunday June 9, 9am-noon

Hello all,

We have a work day this coming Sunday. You can register here.

What will we do? Seasonal tasks like: digging up some old hazelnuts and cover cropping the bed to prepare for a great new polyculture next year; transplanting; and mulching. We’ll also be introducing our new system for keeping records on the design, history, and management of each garden bed, which can be tricky in food forest type systems.

What’s ready to eat? Trees with edible leaves like fragrant spring tree and edible-leaf goji, milkweed broccoli (outstanding), and lots of fresh-dug tubers of Chinese yam (see photo above), plus other spring perennial and self-seeding vegetables.

Hope to see you then.

Eric, Roxy, and the team


Garden work day Sunday May 19

Hello all,

Our next garden work day is Sunday, May 19. Free as always but space is limited, register here. Projects will include installing a yamberry trellis, opening up the greenhouse for spring, and planting, weeding and transplanting. Also we will be hand-pollinating pawpaws if you’d like to learn how to do that.

Foods to sample will likely include sea kale broccoli, perhaps asparagus and milkweed shoots, mioga ginger shoots, edible-leaf goji and more.

Here’s a photo of sea kale “broccolettas” coming in nicely. We eat the flowerbud, long tender stem, and accompanying young leaves. Quite delicious.IMG-1859.JPG


April work day this Sunday

We’ll have our second spring work day this Sunday the 25th from 9am-12pm. We’ll do some planting and transplanting, replace an edible hedge with an even better edible hedge, and sample the perennial vegetables of spring. Sign up here.

The tender delicious growth of Caucasian spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides, photo below) is one of the delights of spring in the forest garden.


Final work day of the season

Hello everyone,

This Saturday we’ll have our final garden work day for 2018. Not so much fresh fruit to sample this time of year (citrus almost ready in the greenhouse, some ground cherries and persimmons outside), but lots to do and some seed and plants to share. And some of our perennial vegetables like Korean celery are coming back into tender, delicious growth.

Projects will include: kiwi trellis construction, compost management, greenhouse winterization, and lots of planting in the greenhouse to start fun new perennial crops for spring.

You can sign up here.


Garden work day this Saturday October 6 9am-12pm

It’s peak tree fruit season. Pawpaws, American persimmons, Asian pears, boiled yamberries… our chestnuts will kick in any day as well. Come help out with seasonal tasks and sample some fall fruits and vegetables. Sign up here to let us know you’re coming. Getting to be a good time of year to send people home with seeds again, we have Korean celery, yamberry and more.