New Photos June 2013


Geraldi dwarf mulberry setting tons of fruit.


Forest garden understory filling in shady niches with useful species.


Insectary polyculture – nectary and edible earth chestnut (Bunium bulbocastanum) with nectary green and gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) groundcover. Also lovely!


Perennial wild bean climbs native false indigo living trellis.


Giant Solomon’s seal with edible hostas and currants.


The “outdoor room”. Everything you see edible or otherwise functional.


Third try for living trellis for yamberry. This time mimosa after failure with red alder and Siberian pea.


Hog peanut.

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Horticulture Magazine Paradise Lot

Such a fantastic year for Jonathan and Eric, the Paradise Lot book and the Bioshelter. We seem to be getting a lot of press! I guess we caught the wave at the right time… or did we create the wave Read the Horticulture Magazine article, “Double-Duty Design: Permaculture puts plants to work for the benefit of the whole garden“

Excerpt from the book up at Scribd!

Now you can read the first ten pages of Paradise Lot: “Germination” at Scribd.

“Few gardeners would have looked out at the small, flat expanse of compacted land and thought, “It’s perfect!” The front yard was a short, steep slope of asphalt with a tiny strip of sterile gravel and sand subsoil. Two shady side alleys led to a backyard that looked like a moonscape, sparsely populated with tufts of crabgrass. Two large Norway maples, reviled as weeds that poison anything growing beneath them, hung over the garden from the north side. And the house itself was soulless, all straight lines, devoid of personality. It was exactly what we were hoping for…”

backyard before overview before front yard before