Soil Health and Mineral Improvement Persimmon Polyculture

paradise lot persimmon patch soil improvement

We’ve been getting some requests for soil results over the years. Particularly since we’ve been reporting our successes. Here is one area of focus in the garden that seems to be exceeding our expectations (and is a good representation of the soil on the site in general).

Notice that the exchange capacity has increased, along with the humus. This allows the biogeochemistry of the soil to better manage and store minerals — like a large well run library. As these numbers go up, so does the resilience of the system.

Also notice that boron has increased since we broadcast a custom mineral blend two years ago, created by Forster Soil Management. And yet, many of the levels of trace minerals still need to be improved, which we plan to do with targeted foliar applications.

Healthy soil = Healthy plants = Healthy people

Permaculture FEAST article on

For folks in Western Massachusetts who’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity¬†to take a permaculture design course, this article is a fantastic introduction to¬†Permaculture FEAST.

Permaculture FEAST to offer 12-day course on design in Holyoke

The Paradise Lot garden site is an integral outdoor learning lab during the course!

Discounted early bird registration ends August 1st!


Create your own Paradise Lot: Food Tasting and Workshop


April 26, 2014 | Holyoke, MA | 10am to 4pm (does not include meals or accommodations)
Cost per person: $120

Spend a day with Jonathan Bates & Eric Toensmeier, the co-designers and managers of the garden that inspired the book Paradise Lot.

We will tour the garden and sample the vegetables and fruit that are in season. In spring you may taste the early Perennial Vegetables like seakale, turkish rocket, wild leek, toothwort, hablitzia READ MORE AND REGISTER…

Fruit tasting and edible forest garden workshop

efg fruit tasting

Come join us for an exciting event this fall. Friday evening October 18, Eric Toensmeier will start us off with an introduction to Paradise Lot and edible forest garden theory and practice. Then, Saturday October 19 we will be touring Paradise Lot learning about the garden and how it was designed, and eating the fruit that is in season. In the afternoon we will tour Tripple Brook Farm for more fruit tasting and a tour of Steve’s wonderful and diverse landscape, seeing mature kiwi vines, chestnuts, hazelnuts, paw paws, apples, persimmons and more!

Sign up for the fruit tasting workshop here.

Or take a full 72 hour Permaculture course, the fruit tasting workshop included.