Turmeric, Persimmon and Calamondin Harvested January in Massachusetts

Happy 2015! I was just outside with Jesse, on a balmy 24 degree New Years Day. We did our regular morning chores: took the trash out, brought the kitchen scraps to the compost pile, feed watered and let out the chickens, and then went to check on the bioshelter. While there, Jesse and I decided to pick a few of our almost ripe [READ MORE]


Year-Round Food: Backyard Bioshelter Greenhouse Workshop – November 15, 2014

With Jonathan Bates of Food Forest Farm & Special Guest Eric Toensmeier

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Forget the cold! Come learn with us in the sub-tropics of Western Massachusetts! That’s right we have a piece of Florida in our backyard and we’d love to share it with you.

During the October 2011 snow storm, a tree fell on our greenhouse. Instead of mourning the loss, we realized an opportunity to build a bigger better BIOSHELTER!

Bioshelters are passive solar greenhouses, that produce… (MORE)

Permaculture FEAST article on MassLIVE.com

For folks in Western Massachusetts who’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take a permaculture design course, this article is a fantastic introduction to Permaculture FEAST.

Permaculture FEAST to offer 12-day course on design in Holyoke

The Paradise Lot garden site is an integral outdoor learning lab during the course!

Discounted early bird registration ends August 1st!


hardy banana Musa sikkimensis


We’ve been growing Musa basjoo hardy banana for 8 years in the front yard. It is warm enough there to overwinter the root, and has every winter since we planted it. Last year I planted a Musa sikkimensis in the same area. My hope was that it would be back this spring. Well, it looks like it made it! See the large basjoo shoot on the right of the photo above. Next to it, on the left is the first sikkimensis shoot. I look forward to seeing how big it gets this year!