2020 Garden Help Days

Spring is on its way!

Garden Help Day Banner

Winter is winding down – some might say it never really arrived. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful volunteers again for this season. Each month we invite anyone from the community who is interested in what we do to visit, join us for a few hands-on projects, then take a guided tour of our forest garden and sample its seasonal produce, from the earliest of spring greens to the latest of fall fruits. We greatly appreciate the time and energy that our volunteers put in to helping us accomplish some of the larger-scale projects that would be difficult to do on our own.

Here’s a list of our Garden Help Days for this year. If you would like to attend, please visit our event page, where you can RSVP. There is no charge to attend, but we request that you sign up in advance so that we know how many volunteers to expect.

2020 Garden Help Days

April 26

May 17

June 14

July 26

August 16

September 13

October 18

November 8