Photo Gallery

Sleep 2000 – 2004


Creep 2004 – 2007


Leap 2007 – 2009


Reap 2009 – 2011


Since the book 2011 – today


2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Amazing what you have managed! Such an inspiration. I´m reading your book up here in Norway where my wife and I purchased a small holding in 2009. We have an eco-sheep farm at this point but want to turn it into a permaculture farm using Wwoofers. Your book is a great inspiration! I see one of the pictures that there is a mobile market too? You have more information on that? We are thinking about setting up a mobile market for eco-produce in this area too and could use a blueprint.

    • Glad you are inspired by our book Paradise Lot! Sounds like some wonderful projects you are doing. The mobile market you speak about would have been with Eric’s previous employer, Nuestras Raices (there is a section in the book about them). You’d have to contact them about the details. Have fun with your endeavors!

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